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Whidbey Island Seafood Company

We pride ourselves on the quality of wild-caught America seafood we source and provide to our customers. Our network of West Coast and Pacific Northwest fisheries use sustainable and traceable methods to guarantee quality from catch to table.


  • canadian-spot-prawn-whidbey-seafoods
    $58.97 2lbs - 2.2lbs box

    Canadian Spot Prawns (Sashimi Grade) – Wild Caught

    Description: -Approximately (1) 2lbs - 2.2lbs box of whole Canadian Spot Prawns (21-25 prawns per box). -Our Spot Prawns are harvested and flash-frozen off the coast of Vancouver Island. -Prawns contain preservatives to hold red color of shell. -New harvest now in stock. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size - 3.5oz Calories - 155cal Fat - 5g Carbs - 0g Protein - 26g

    $58.97 per box

    $58.97 2lbs - 2.2lbs box
    $58.97 2lbs - 2.2lbs box
  • pacific-halibut-serving-whidbey-seafoods
    $15.79 6oz - 8oz fillet

    Pacific Halibut (Single Serving) – Wild Caught

    Description: -One pack includes (1) 6-8oz fillets of skinless Pacific Halibut. -Highest quality Pacific Halibut that you can purchase online or in store. -Our Halibut fillets are caught, processed, and flash frozen on boat. -Shipped with dry ice for maximum freshness. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size - 6oz Calories - 120cal Fat - 15g Carbs - 0g Protein - 24g

    $15.79 per fillet

    $15.79 6oz - 8oz fillet
    $15.79 6oz - 8oz fillet
  • Sold out
    $24.66 $19.73 1lbs - 1.25lbs fillet

    Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – Wild Caught

    Description: -Approximately 1lbs to 1.25lbs skin-on Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillet. -Highest quality Alaskan Sockeye Salmon that you can purchase online or in-store. -Our Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillets are caught, processed, and flash frozen on boat. -Shipped with dry ice for maximum freshness. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size - 6oz Calories - 300cal Fat - 15g Carbs - 0g Protein - 36g

    $24.66 $19.73 per fillet

    $24.66 $19.73 1lbs - 1.25lbs fillet
    $24.66 $19.73 1lbs - 1.25lbs fillet

Sustainable Fisheries

We source seafood products from fisheries that use up-to-date sustainable and traceable methods to ensure quality.

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Flash Frozen

Our seafood is flash frozen on-board, ensuring our customers that they are purchasing the safe and quality product.

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Quick Delivery

Your seafood is packed in dry ice and shipped to your doorstep within 3 days of leaving our facility.

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Happy Eaters

We can’t deny that our customers love to eat quality seafood, and we are proud to help them with their cravings.

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F/V Baranof

Our customers are keenly interested in knowing everything they can about their seafood. They want to know where it comes from, how it was caught and processed and whether it comes from sustainable fisheries.

When you buy seafood caught from the Baranof you are buying direct from the primary producer. All of our products are completely traceable, ensuring your customers they are buying the safest, highest-quality seafood available.


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Great Fish, Prompt Delivery, Wonderful People

“Wonderful people, amazing service (our second order was actually delivered the same day!!), and very high quality sea food. Definitely our “always go-to” for seafood on Whidbey Island!”


Scott P.

Consistently of the Highest Quality and Flavor

“Your fish is consistently of the highest quality and flavor! I can’t imagine any better customer service than what you offer. You are a 5-star, all-around great business providing an important service in this rapidly changing world!”


Judy F.

We Love Whidbey Island Seafood!

“Always an excellent experience ordering from Whidbey Island Seafood Company! The fish is of the highest quality, as is the customer service. Ordering online is quick and easy and delivery goes without a hitch. Couldn’t be happier!”


Rachel G.

Sustainable. Traceable. Seafood.


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