F/V Dangerous Cape

F/V Dangerous Cape
Dangerous Cape

The F/V Dangerous Cape sustainably harvests halibut and sablefish in the Gulf of Alaska under an Individual Fishing Quota program mandated by the federal government. The vessel is based out of Homer, Alaska and is a family-run operation Captained by lifelong commercial fisherman Erik Velsko. Erik has been involved in Alaska’s commercial fisheries since a very young age, and has been a part of many of Alaska’s iconic fisheries. He has extensive experience in the Bering Sea crab and cod fisheries, but in recent years has returned to his childhood fishing grounds to be closer to his wife, Lacey, and their three young children Britta (9), Estelle (7) and Leo (5). He also travels to Bristol Bay each summer to operate his gillnet vessel Dire Straits in the competitive sockeye salmon fishery. All three children and Lacey have spent time onboard the family boats during spring and summer fishing operations. Leo began his fishing career at the age of three on a short halibut longline trip in the local waters of Cook Inlet with Erik and Leo’s grandfather John.

The F/V Dangerous Cape employs the longline fishing method to harvest their halibut and sablefish quotas, and typically conduct short fishing trips in order to guarantee freshness and high quality product to its consumers. This method of commercial fishing uses baited hooks attached to a main ground line and catches one fish at a time with a very low amount of bycatch or non-target species. Quality and sustainability are of the utmost concern to the F/V Dangerous Cape’s crew, and the Captain and three crew work tirelessly to ensure a good product that is harvested from the briny depths of Alaskan waters responsibly.

“Sustainable fisheries management, high quality seafood and product traceability are key pillars to the Dangerous Cape family fishing operation, and we feel blessed to provide our customers with this amazing wild-caught product.”
-Lacey Velsko

Our Typical Catch:

Pacific Halibut


Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)