F/V Nerka

F/V Nerka
Nerka Salmon

The F/V Nerka crew spends their summers trolling Southeast Alaska’s pristine outer coast, open-water fishermen harvesting ocean-run salmon, wild as their surroundings. They chase king salmon through the shadows of glaciers, forty miles offshore in the Gulf of Alaska’s iconic Fairweather Grounds.

For Coho Salmon, the crew moves inland, where the cold, clean North Pacific pounds a rocky shoreline crowned with a spruce-scented, seemingly endless green: the Tongass, the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest, “America’s Salmon Forest.”

The forty-three-foot F/V Nerka is a troller, meaning that all King and Coho Salmon are all hook-and-line caught, harvested, and handled one at a time. Driven by quality rather than quantity and with minimal bycatch, trolling is a beautifully inefficient fishery. That’s what they love about it.

Typical Catch:

Coho Salmon


King Salmon

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