Alaskan Spot Prawn (Tails) - Wild Caught

Alaskan Spot Prawn (Tails) - Wild Caught

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  • Approximately (1) 8oz pack of head-off Canadian Spot Prawns (8-10 prawns per pack).
  • Our Spot Prawns are harvested and IQF flash-frozen off the coast of Petersburg, Alaska by a small-family harvester.
  • No chemicals or preservatives to keep coloring.
  • New harvest now in stock.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Serving Size - 3.5oz
  • Calories - 155cal
  • Fat - 5g
  • Carbs - 0g
  • Protein - 26g

$28.08 per pack

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Categories: Black Friday Sale, New Products, Seafood, Seafood - Prawns
Origin Canada
Seafood Crustacean
Family Prawns
Price Per Pound $42.74
Average Weight 8oz
Product Type Pack