Organic Farm School Partnership

In the middle of COVID-19, how can Whidbey Island Seafood Company best support our community? This is a question we have been asking ourselves a lot lately. Our current thinking is that with all the ambiguity and uncertainty out there, we need to provide some source of comfort and care for our bodies. We aren’t the only people that say this: Maintaining a healthy diet and fueling your body with proper vitamins and nutrients is perhaps more important now than ever before.

We have the privilege of partnering up with the Organic Farm School. They have offered to be our “Wednesday Pick Up Hub.” At this “hub” you can pick up our seafood and locally grown, organic veggies in one place! Skip the grocery stores and know that we are all taking extra precautions during this time. All you have to do is order from our website (Whidbey Island Seafood Company) and leave us a note saying that you would like to pick up your order at the Organic Farm School on the specific date (whatever Wednesday that happens to be).

Orders must be placed by 5 pm on Tuesdays. You'll pay for your order on our website and we deliver your fish to the Organic Farm School on Wednesday morning’s so you can pick it up with your veggies in the afternoon.

Now, another important detail. How do you pre-order veggies from OSF?

Send an email to Judy at In the body of the email, list what you want and how much. Judy will confirm with you what's available and what time you can pick it up on Wednesday’s at the Organic Farm School.

Flex CSA members get the first crack at this, from the moment this e-newsletter gets sent (on Saturday) until Sunday at noon. At that time, it will be shared with the general OSF e-newsletter list. Flex CSA members can order all the way through the process, they just get the first chunk of time all to yourselves. Questions about how to become a CSA member? Email Judy!

The ordering process closes on Monday evenings at 9 pm

Here's what's available Spring 2020:

  • Radishes: 25 bunches - $3/bunch
  • Salad Turnips: 55 bunches - $3.50/bunch
  • Arugula: 50 bags - $4/bag (1/3 of a pound)
  • Spinach: 8 bags - $4/bag (1/3 of a pound)
  • Salad Mix: 13 bags - $4/bag (1/3 of a pound)
  • Spicy Mix: 55 bags - $4/bag (1/3 of a pound)
  • Beet greens: 39 bunches - $3/bunch
  • Pac Choi: 18 bunches $1.50/bunch
  • Rhubarb: 29 bunches $3/bunch

Click here for the Organic Farm School newsletter.

The Organic Farm School is located at:

6390 Maxwelton Road Clinton WA 98236

The Organic Farm School trains new farmers to develop and manage small farms focused on ecological, economic and social sustainability. These 21st-century farms strengthen our local communities and work toward resilient food systems for our future.

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