Thawing Your Seafood Prior to Cooking

Something we live by at Whidbey Seafoods is that you shouldn’t have to “dress up” any good quality seafood. There shouldn’t be a taste you are trying to hide. You shouldn’t have to work hard to develop good flavors. Good quality seafood does the work for you.

Honestly, our favorite method for Salmon is just salt, pepper, olive oil and maybe a quick dash of garlic powder, because who doesn’t love garlic?… Sear it on a skillet, skin side up first for about 2.5-3 minutes, and then flip it to skin side down for another 3 minutes. Finish it off in a hot oven (around 425 degrees), if you like your fish a little more cooked. It’s literally that easy.

A couple tips when preparing Seafood:

  • Take your Seafood out of your freezer the night before you plan to cook it.
  • Place the seafood in your refrigerator overnight so that is can thaw out gradually.
    • This is the best way to preserve the seafood’s flavor and texture.
  • If you need to thaw in a hurry. Simple! Place your vacuumed sealed seafood in your sink.
  • Fill your sink up with cold or at the very most, room temperature water. Then place something with some weight to it on top of your seafood. I usually use a cast iron skillet or a simple heavy pan.
    • If it isn’t vacuumed sealed then just put it in a trust worthy plastic bag and make sure it’s sealed all the way.
  • For best results, if you are eating fish, once thawed run your seafood quickly under some cold water. Pat dry.
    • This is going to help any seasonings absorb into your fish maximizing the taste and texture.
  • If your seafood flakes. It’s done cooking! Nobody wants overcooked Seafood.

Of course, when you eat seafood as much as us, you have to experiment and get fancy, go a little over the top everyone once and awhile. So of course, we will share those recipes with you to (hint: check out our Instagram @whidbeyseafoods). But at our core we love our product, we love the quality, how easy it is and how yummy it always ends up.

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